Smart solution for fermentation residues from biogas plants!

Smart solution for fermentation residues from biogas plants!

What’s to be done with the considerable amount of fermentation residues which result from biogas production?

As of 2020, application of this material on fields as a fertilizer will no longer be permitted (Federal Law Gazette, (BGBl.) I P. 1305, 1348).

In 2018, the time will be ripe for a world’s first as an innovative process in the area of environmental technology achieves market readiness:

A smart plant which can be docked directly onto existing biogas plants transforms the contaminated fermentation residues into

  • 100 percent natural organic fertiliser as well as into
  • 100 percent totally purified residual water.

Consequently, the combined process is both free of residual substances as well as from process waste water.

This means: In future, biogas plant operators will go from being producers of fermentation waste to manufacturers of completely germ-free and storable NPK fertiliser!

The idea behind this development is the protected DFT process (Dampf Fluid Trocknung or ‘steam-fluid-drying’ in English). A reference plant is already operating trouble-free in the Verfahrenszentrum Reichstädt (Process Centre) near the Saxon capitol of Dresden. The German-Austrian project partnership KRETO is currently beginning series manufacturing: Plans call for the shipment of up to ten plants for this year. Based on the current enormous level of interest, there will be continuous expansion of the production capacity in the coming years.

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