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Conveying lines for pneumatic dilute phase / dense phase conveying systems.

The main advantages of pneumatic conveyor systems are hygienic operation, flexible and easily expandable routing and reduced maintenance costs compared to mechanical conveyor systems. It’s not surprising that this proven conveyor system is used in almost all areas of industry for the transport of a wide variety of bulk materials. The ratio of air volume / product and pressure determines the classification of various pneumatic conveying systems.

Dilute phase conveying (in pressure or suction operation) with a typical conveying speed of 25m / sec is a well-proven solution for numerous bulk goods.  Dense phase conveying (plug conveying) is the ideal solution for fragile or abrasive products – even with long conveying distances.

Impressions & Projects

Depending on the conveying system and the delivery product, the requirements for the pipeline system also change. Our dense phase conveying pipe line is carried out with boosters. In this way, booster valves are fed with compressed air at regular intervals and the product plugs in the conveying pipe are split up. The result is gentle and economical extraction of your valuable raw material, even over long distances.

Pipe connections are selected depending on the requirements of the conveyor system. The choice ranges from welded and flanged pipelines to pipe couplings.

Delivery pipelines are planned in detail with 3D design and construction, providing a solid basis for assembly. AMMAG conveyor systems and conveyor lines have proven themselves in many projects in a wide variety of industries.

AMMAG system components are always designed and manufactured specifically for the application and for optimised operational safety and economic efficiency. Our pneumatic conveyor systems are FDA-compliant, available in ATEX design, with EN1935/2004 certificate and with a wide range of accessories. TÜV certificate about our approvals: EN 1090-1; EN ISO 3834-3

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Trials of the pneumatic conveying in our pilot plant!

This gives us both confidence, even with new products where there is no empirical data.

Our engineering and sales team supports you with knowledge and experience in all questions about bulk material technology, fluidised bed spray granulation, product development and process optimisation.

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