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Dense phase conveying

Dense phase conveying with boosters for sensitive products.

Pneumatic dense phase conveying is particularly suitable for the transport of sensitive and abrasive bulk materials and granulates. With this conveyor system, a constant product quality can be guaranteed even over long distances. In the conveying line there is an optimal relationship between product-plug length, speed and the required amount of air or pressure. The AMMAG system uses ‘booster’ valves to achieve this optimum ratio.

These are installed on the delivery line at regular intervals and supply secondary air. As a result, product-plugs that get longer and longer on their way through the pipe are split open again. This in turn enables low conveying pressures, low air volumes and consequently low speeds giving minimised particle destruction. Typical conveying speeds are 0.5 m/s at the beginning of the line and 2.5 m/s at the end.

Impressions & Projects

The technological design of the dense phase conveying is carried out using a separate calculation program from other systems, utilising considerable data from numerous trials in our pilot plant.

AMMAG system components are always designed and manufactured for specific applications and for optimised operational safety and economic viability. Our pneumatic dense phase conveyors are FDA-compliant, available in ATEX design, with EN1935 / 2004 certificate and with a wide range of accessories.

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Trials of pneumatic conveying in our pilot plant!

This gives us both confidence, even with new products where there is no empirical data.

Our engineering and sales team supports you with knowledge and experience in all questions about bulk material technology, fluidised bed spray granulation, product development and process optimisation.

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