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One of our core competencies is fluidised bed technology.

Ki - AMMAG fluidised coating systems are used successfully in many industries and technologies, including: food, animal feed and pharmaceutical technologies, as well as agrochemicals, building materials and metallurgy.

All three process technology solutions start with the basic mechanisms of spraying the liquid and the vortex effect on the solid material in the fluid bed. The result is careful drying under precisely controlled temperatures, completely uniform mixing and the unique opportunity of selecting the desired product properties through use of exactly right operational parameters.

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Fluidised bed technology

Fluidised bed technology processes benefit from

  • the intensive mixing of the original solids
  • the large available particle surface
  • the fine distribution of liquid droplets


A fluidised bed consists of a bed of solid particles that are lifted by an upward flow of air and thereby converted into a liquid-like state, i.e. fluidised. By spraying a solid-bearing liquid with an average droplet size of 50 µm (1 liter of water = 15 billion droplets) onto the fluidised bed, granules or agglomerates can be produced.

Further possible steps are coating or matrix encapsulation phases. After any subsequent drying or further thermal treatment, the finished product can easily be discharged from the system.

Addition of liquid is carried out with a positive-displacement pump by spraying, using a two-substance nozzle. Compressed air is generally used for nebulization. The use of other gases (for example: steam, nitrogen) is possible.

The filtered and heated supply air is fed to the granulator and distributed evenly over the entire cross-section of the fluidised bed by means of a specially developed AMMAG air distributor plate. The smaller particles, carried along in the exhaust air, are then separated from the air by a JET filter and returned to the fluidised bed.

Fluidised bed technology


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