Althammer: New business owner remains true to Heidenheim location

The new business owner, Franz Kreuzer, is restructuring the operations he has acquired.

Newspaper Heidenheimer Zeitung – While around half of the Althammer metalworking firm’s workforce have lost their jobs after the bankruptcy, 61 staff are moving forward under the new management: Austrian businessman Franz Kreuzer has acquired the company and is now continuing operations under the name K Industries Althammer GmbH. The staff were able to meet their new employer personally on the occasion of a works meeting at the end of February. Moreover, his son Philipp Kreuzer, a company employee, is permanently present on site and oversees the restructuring. “The purchase of parts of the Althammer company laid a solid foundation for a very successful ongoing development of this business with its rich tradition”, says Franz Kreuzer. He describes the mood at the personal meeting as being very positive. “In keeping with our understanding of fairness and responsibility, we have adopted the existing employment contracts right down to the last detail”, says the businessman.

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