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Research and development

Research and development for all process steps in bulk material and fluidised bed technology

Research and development are the basis of our success!

We annually invest an above average amount in research and development. We do not just rest on our experience, but we constantly focus on creating innovations and new ideas faster and more efficiently.  In our modern technology centre, we can test the most important mechanical process steps for your products and optimise them in large-scale trials.

The knowledge from these trials is directly introduced into the application-specific design and manufacture of machines and systems for bulk material and fluidised bed technology. This enables us to ensure optimised operational safety and economic efficiency.

Research and development

Innovative AMMAG technical center

In our test and pilot plant we can carry out granulation tests as well as tests for almost all the process steps in bulk solids technology. We accompany our customers from the product idea to production!

Research and development

Our technical center offers you

  • Feasibility studies
  • Sample generation
  • Objective decision-making criteria before your investment decision
  • Contract development
  • Support in process development and process optimisation
Equipment for bulk material technology *

Equipment for fluid bed technology *

Labor equipment *
Pneumatic dense phase conveying system
  • transport vessel with 280 liters
  • transport vessel with 24 liters
  • conveyor line with 40 m
  • full-line system
Laboratory granulator A-WT 25
  • bottom diameter 250 mm
  • evaporator capacity 6 kg / h
  • batch size up to 10 kg
  • operating mode – batch
Humidity measurement
  • IR balance
Pneumatic air conveying system
  • variably configurable conveying distance up to 70 m
  • suction and pressure operation
  • metered product feed via rotary valve
  • metered product feed via dosing screw
  • feed shoe for suction conveying from a full hopper
Technical centre granulator A-WT43
  • bottom diameter 430 mm
  • evaporator output 20 kg / h
  • batch size up to 50 kg
  • operating mode – batch or conti
Quantity measurement
  • various scales
Mechanical conveying
  • dosing screw NW120 x 1000 mm
Primary exhaust gas cleaning
  • filter system, jet filter, self-cleaning
  • different filter materials possible
Bulk solids properties
  • bulk density
  • vibration density
  • flowability
Pneumatic mixer
  • hopper diameter 800 mm
  • hopper volume 1 m³
Secondary flue gas cleaning
  • wet gas scrubber
Assessment of the granulate using the Stereo microscope
Horizontal counter flow mixer
  • usable volume 250 Liter
Air flow
  • 200 to 1200 m³ / h
  • supply air temperature max. 350 ° C
  • exhaust air operation or recirculation
Dry sieving
Rotary sifter
  • screen basket diameter 250 mm
  • various screen inserts
Granulator – discharge system
  • screw discharge (for continuous operation)

Hygroscopicity of solids
(aw value)

Vibrating screen
  • diameter 600 mm
  • 3 fractions
Granulator surface
  • electropolished inside and out
  • loosening rate
  • air retention
Vibratory discharge machine
  • diameter 800 mm
  • container volume 1 m³
Granulator material
  • stainless steel 1.4301
Agitator discharge
  • diameter 800 mm
  • container volume 1 m³
  • two-substance nozzles 1.3 / 1.8 / 2.5 mm
  • three-substance nozzles Schlick 946-S1 / 0/4-S41
  • bottom spray or top spray
  • Wurster coating
Fluid bed discharge
  • diameter 800 mm
  • container volume 1 m³
Inflow trays
  • sintered sieve bottom
  • perforated bottom
  • wedge wire bottom
  • plate bottom
  • condi bottom
Big bag emptying
  • Big bag size 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Big bag height 1500 mm
  • Vibro discharge aid
  • Pneumatic plunger – Discharge aid
Other details
  • ATEX
  • pressure shock resistant 10 bar
  • suitable for food
  Air heater
  • 70 kW or 30 kW (electric)


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