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In addition to experience and innovative strength, AMMAG also stands for long-term relationships with employees, suppliers and customers, which are based on values ​​such as trust, respect and honesty. We can only be successful if our partners are successful and appreciate our work. Fluidized bed spray coating is one of our core competencies.

We create added value for our customers through our goal and process-oriented action. In every phase of your project, whether in the development of new products, the implementation of innovative ideas or the optimization of existing fluidized bed systems, we support you in all areas through our know-how and through quick, clear and factual communication.

Fluidised bed technology

Spray coating

Coating is always used when a solid must be coated with another substance to obtain different properties or a protective cover.

Various micro-organisms (bacteria, yeast) have a positive, physiological influence. Often, they are very sensitive to environmental influences. Resistance to gastric acid can also be required. Coating with wax, shellac etc. protects the dried organism.

Systems for fluidized bed spray coating cannot only be implemented on paper. The AMMAG company has now shown this on the basis of several realised plants. Sizes from pilot scale up to three meters bottom diameter are possible.

Our service

Tests in our fluidised bed pilot plant!

Our engineering and sales team supports you with our knowledge in all questions about fluidised bed technology, plant construction, assembly and commissioning, expansion and with improvements to existing production plants.

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