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Spray granulation

Granulating creates free-flowing solids, directly from the suspension / solution.

Targeted grain structure in fluidised bed spray granulation results in granules in the desired grain size and optimal temperature control enables high chemical stability.

Spray granulation is a convective drying process, i.e. energy is supplied via heated air. This also takes care of the evaporation of the water. The special feature of the process is the combination of spraying the liquid with drying in the fluidised bed.

When spraying, the liquid is dispersed into fine droplets. This creates a large surface area. One liter of water can produce 15 billion droplets with a surface area of ​​120 m². These droplets are sprayed onto a fluidized bed, which also provides a very large surface for drying.

Fluidised bed technology

Spray granulation

Fluidized bed spray granulation has become firmly established as a drying process in recent years, because it can convert a solid-containing liquid into a dry product in a single process step. Numerous advantages, such as

  • the possibility of influencing the resulting particle size and bulk density
  • the extremely precise control of product temperature as well
  • the generally low process temperature contribute to this success.

A characteristic of the process is that the liquid is sprayed onto its own particles, which are intensively mixed and dried in the fluidized bed. As a result of the spraying, the particles grow. If you have exceeded a defined, adjustable size, they will be discharged. This creates a continuous process in which only liquid is added and only dry product is withdrawn.

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